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October 12, 2023

icon Holiday Inn, Mumbai

Connecting Procurement Strategies for Intelligent, Sustainable & Future-Ready Practices

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ProcureConnect Confex & Awards 2023

Procurement in India has experienced substantial changes, encompassing areas like technology, sustainability, and digitization. The adoption of digitization and advancements in technologies like IoT, AI, and ML have played pivotal roles in transforming the procurement landscape. Simultaneously, a significant evolution in sourcing and procurement practices is evident through the incorporation of ESG considerations, particularly carbon emissions reduction. These developments have led to a more streamlined and efficient procurement process in India, aligning with global trends and emphasizing the importance of leveraging technology and sustainability measures for effective sourcing and procurement strategies.

ProcureConnect Confex & Awards 2023 offers a unique opportunity to observe and gain insights from prominent industry leaders and experts. This platform focuses on sharing the best practices employed by these individuals in effectively utilizing technology and digitization in the fields of sourcing and procurement. Additionally, the event addresses the significance of meeting the ESG 2030 & 2050 targets, allowing attendees to learn how to align their practices with these important environmental and sustainability goals.